What if members of your functional teams all had the same high degree of passion for their work, and acted accordingly? 

What if all members of each team had a common understanding of their team's role in the organisation, and hence delivered sharply focussed output?

What if team members could be assertive upwards, deliver bad news without procrastination, and influence stakeholders effectively, and hence multiplied their impact?

If this is how you'd like the functional teams in your organisation to be, we can help. Depending on what the issues holding back the team are, we can design single program or multi-program interventions. Using such interventions, we can achieve:

  • A higher degree of passion for work amongst team members, deriving from a clear understanding of the team’s role and value added, and that of each individual member.
  • An understanding amongst each person of their strengths and weaknesses, how this impacts business execution and results, and what actions they need to take to increase their effectiveness.
  • An understanding of the levers of influence, where the individual stands on influencing, and tools to allow for more convincing communication.
  • An understanding of how to manage conflict productively, to be able to say no without feeling guilty, and to use conversations around differing view points to build richer decisions.

Interventions can be single or multiple program, depending on the intervention objectives. Each program is typically two days long, and can be offsite or onsite.If after the group interventions, certain key team members or the team leader need support in embedding their new behaviours, we can follow up with a one-on-one coaching intervention.

To know more about our approach to people development click here, and to know more about our approach to program design click here.