Why does an organisation exist ? How does it answer this question in a way that is meaningful, inspirational, exciting yet simple? How does it ensure that it's goals, and how it achieves them, flow from its reason for being ? How does it ensure that the reason for being doesn't end up as a set of meaningless words, but as a meaningful guide to doing business ?

Why is a leadership team needed? Why can't the CEO manage the business without a leadership team ? What is the value the leadership team adds, and how can this be enunciated in way that brings them together, and gives them the energy to ride out the turbulence of business ? How can this common reason for being bond the team, making it stronger, more resilient, more effective?

What do we leave behind after we're gone? Is it just a haphazard set of impact points or is it a meaningful legacy ? Are we even completely aware of what we want to leave behind, or is it just a hazy notion in our minds?

Our work with leaders builds around purpose- purpose for organisations, teams, and individuals. We believe effective organisations, team and leaders, are driven in a deliberate direction, towards meaningful actions and results. They act, lead, and create impact on purpose.