What if your senior leaders really understood their role and impact, and hence worked at their level, and not one level below?

What if they really understood their key task of building people capability, and hence developed their people through effective coaching?

What if they could master how to build relationships across the matrix of your organisation, and hence increase their impact by influencing upwards and outwards more?

If this is a part of your wish list around the effectiveness of your senior leaders, then we can help. We work with senior leaders in one-on-one coaching interventions to help them increase their effectiveness at work and outside. We work closely with key stakeholders, including the coachee’s immediate supervisor, to identify possible development goals. We work with coachees in a coaching intervention spanning multiple conversations, and focus on helping them achieve their chosen developmental goals

Across interventions, we see the following outcomes delivered, irrespective of the individual goals agreed on between coach and coachee:

  • Greater self-awareness
  • The power of reflection and introspection
  • A greater understanding of role-both inside and outside of work-and possibilities for impact

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