• What if you could enunciate a legacy that truly reflects your deepest values and desires, and then put together an action plan to realise it?


  • What if you could bring back the passion and the excitement into your life, that seems to have ebbed as you've grown older and moved up in your career?


  • What if you could bring new meaning into your life, which suddenly seems to directionless and without meaning?

If this is where you are today, we should talk. Our individual coaching interventions address just these issues for those who have achieved significantly of goals they set themselves at the start of their careers, but for whom those goals now seem less important. For those who now want to give back, to build people capacity in society. For those who want to truly follow their hearts in terms of what they do, but are bound by the chains of external expectations.

We can work together and help you to:

  • Get a clearer understanding of your current reality, where you'd like to go, and how to get there.
  • Review your values and your beliefs, and to enunciate the legacy you'd like to leave behind
  • Work out what you need to do/ not do to ensure your legacy is built and survives after you
  • Work out a plan for yourself to manage external expectations, get others on board, and get started on your new way


We will begin our individual coaching intervention with a multi-pronged understanding of you, your current reality and your aspirations. We will use a psychometric instrument if needed. We'll then get into an intervention of about six conversations of 1 1/2 hours each, conducted either in person or over skype, depending on your location. While most interventions will be complete in six sessions, during the intervention, we'll jointly assess whether we need more sessions.

To begin the process of re-engaging with your work and life, get in touch with us, and we can talk about moving ahead