What if your leadership team was focused on a common goal, and everyone was pulling in the same direction?

What if the team all understood their role as members of the leadership team, and acted accordingly?

What if the team was not focussed only on their narrow functional interests but actually took an enterprise view of things?

If these are the behaviours you'd like to see in your leadership team, we can help. We can work with your leadership team to:

  • Build a shared common goal that derives from the organisational strategy, and at the same time resonates with each individual’s goals
  • Clearly enunciate the value it adds, and deriving from that, the role of the team, and that of each individual member
  • Understand the imperative of working together and positively building off each other
  • Link the organisational goal to that of the individual, to bring meaning and commitment across the team
  • Enunciate behavioural changes/actions needed, build measures of their impact, and find ways to hold each other accountable as they make the journey together to greater effectiveness

We will typically achieve this by working with the team over one or more two-day interventions each spread four to six weeks apart.

After the team interventions, if there is a need to work with individual members of the team to help them realise the new behaviours they have committed themselves to, we can do that through a one-on-one coaching intervention.

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