"Lighthouse has worked extensively with Sushil over the past years, and our time with him has been nothing short of completely transformational—both at the individual and the organizational levels.  He is an incredibly talented coach, and has thoughtfully and tactfully guiding us through self exploration, interpersonal relationship dynamics and organizational value and culture definition—and ensured that we convert intention to action and practice!  Most importantly, Sushil has a soft, personal “touch” backed with great science and experience; he listens more than preaches, asking the “right” questions at the “right” times, making for immensely productive, enjoyable and intense time together.  I could not recommend Sushil more highly to anyone."

William Sean Sovak, Co-Founder and Managing Director,  Lighthouse Advisors India

"Sushil has successfully customized the interventions according to our business context and organisational needs. His understanding of people, extensive preparatory work and meticulous execution of the interventions have helped us - one of the important one is our exponential growth strategy. Sushil’s ability to simplify complex and difficult subjects and keeping the focus on deriving outcomes that are implementable and track(able) makes the interventions that much more relevant."

Rajendra Velagala, Business Director, Crop Protection, BASF India Ltd.

"Sushil Jhangiani has coached over 15 senior executives at Tetra Pak India over the last three years. He delivers effective coaching, leveraging his extensive business experience, robust coaching expertise and good interpersonal connect with participants. Overall, his contribution to our coaching program is very significant."

Rajeev Sharma, HR Director, Tetra Pak, South Asia Markets

"Sushil, just a quick note to say thank you for providing very useful techniques to make sure that the learning of our coaching session is applied in personal and professional life. We started our coaching session with 360 degree feedback and very subtle changes were required to be made in order to better lead a top performing team.  I believe your tips and inputs are very valuable and its interesting to see them working once you start using them. I felt engaged throughout our sessions mainly because of examples and sharing experiences of other that you have gathered over a long timespan. The positive post-coaching feedback is a reflection of effective coaching in practice!"

-Coachee, Senior Leader in the Manufacturing Sector

"Sushil has powerful ways of getting the message across to stakeholders- be it to participants of his leadership programs or people whom he coaches. With strong grounding in concepts of People Development processes, his approach to program structure and content design has been very intriguing. He is highly approachable and works with the team well to adapt to situations that demand immediate attention."

-Anbu Rathinavel, Senior Vice President and Dean, Polaris Financial Technology Limited.

"I hired Sushil for a management off-site in India where he lead our group through a series of creative visioning exercises on the future and how we would lead a major transformation. He is a smart, clear, insightful thinker and a masterful facilitator. i have hired 10+ other business facilitators in the past and Sushil provided unique insight and motivation for the team and I would hire him again without hesitation. I strongly recommend him."

-Dayton Semerjian, General Manager, Customer Service and Support, CA Technologies

Sushil gains and retains his coachee's confidence through an excellent mix of professional skills, personalised solutions plus personal experience in the coaching conversations. I am delighted to have been coached by him.

-Coachee, Senior Development Sector Leader